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What You Need to Know

Faith & Fandom is a book series of devotional essays on Faith & Geek Culture. Bible studies on Video Games, Comic Books, Anime, Manga, Superheroes, TV, Movies, & Pop Culture at large. There is also the Faith & Fandom podcast and comicon appearances.

Now with 8 volumes, children's edition,  and illustrated children's book out, the series covers a vast array of geek/nerdy/pop culture areas. Each essay strives to be inspirational and true to scripture and at the same time capture the essence of the character the story is about. The books are in no sequential order and can be jumped into at any point depending on topic interest. The books are available in Paperback and Kindle formats, and are able to be purchased at Comicons, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Wal-Mart Online, some local comic book shops, and more.

There is also the Faith & Fandom Podcast Channel, which features the F&F podcast, The Pull List from Love Thy Nerd, Faith & Fandom 180 ( short, 3 minute, weekly devotionals), Artist's Alley Aftermath, Audio Chapters, & More.

We also have more memes than we want to count.

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