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  • Todd Turner

Small Group Study Guide for "There & Back Again, A Christian's Tale." By Todd Turner.

Study Guide for Small Groups:

Ice breaker:

Who is your favorite middle earth character? Who do you relate to? Who do you wish you were? (if members are not familiar with the Hobbit, ask who their favorite DND or fantasy character is) Do you like the books, cartoons, or movies better?

God Calls:

What does comfort look like to you? Does your comfort ever get in the way of answering God's call?

Where do you feel inadequate? Can you see Jesus helping you overcome these inadequacies? What does that look like?

When have you said yes to God and what happened?

God Empowers:

What are your abilities? Ask friends to tell you. What can you do? What do you love? God will not give you a love for something or an ability to do something that he can not use to further his kingdom, no matter how “weird” it may seem.

See who your support is? Write them down. Reach out to them and thank them. If it's hard to think of someone remember Psalm 121 (read it aloud to the group)

What would you look like wearing the full armor of God? Picture wearing it. What piece of God’s armor do you need most right now?

God’s Got us:

Have you ever asked God for the physical strength to do something? Has God moved physical barriers in your life or others in order for his love to shine through? How has God protected you physically?

Do you struggle with negative thoughts of self? What is “true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. ...things that are excellent and worthy of praise,” that you can say about yourself or things around you?

What does everlasting life mean to you? Have you accepted God’s invitation and his calling?

John 3:16 and Matt 28:20



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