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6 Session Power Points/Study Guide

I'm doing a 6 session camp using Faith & Fandom. Since i've worked on the resources, I thought I'd make them available to you.

Here are all the chapters used. I used the book material loosely just to establish the concept. Then expound on the scripture. Don't feel tied to doing things specifically in the book format.

Session 1

Spider-Man & Moses: Leap Of Faith Comparing spider-man from into the Spiderverse and his hesitation to be a hero to Moses hesitation when he was afraid to speak up for God and that it takes us being brave and obedient when God gives us opportunities

Session 2

Incredible Hulk & The Effect of Sin On Our Life. Discussing how the Hulk has this destructive force inside him that does damage and separates him from people, and transitioning over to the way sin does that in our lives, and that it's something bigger than we can stop on our own.

Wonder Woman & Being Different From The World. Using the idea of wonder woman being from a different world and being an ambassador to transitioning over to the fact that we are meant to blend into the world and that we are set apart as believers, and that we are God's ambassadors to the world once we know Him as lord.

Iron Man, Armor Of God, Growing In Faith, this will be a straight up presentation of the Armor of God with some Iron Man references to begin.

Superman & The Son Who Came To Save. This would be more of a strong comparison of the similarities of Superman to Jesus, but then the hard contrast of the fact that Jesus is the only one who can actually save us from our sin, offer salvation, and walk with us through life and eternity. This would be a big gospel push and presentation.

Captain America Walking Daily In Faith. This would be the big challenge to apply what they have learned and continue to learn in their walk with God. That a shield isn't meant to hide behind and cower, that a shield is meant to protect you as you move forward. That our shield is our faith, and it's meant to go before us in everything we do.



Thanks for Submitting!

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